1.       Background

a.       Company History

AVROCOM LLC (Tajikistan) was established in 2007. It have brought the newest IT and Medical solutions to Tajikistan.

b.      What we do

AVROCOM LLC is one of the few companies in Tajikistan that are able to finish Turn Key projects in Medical and IT fields. Our engineers have all the required Certificates and Qualifications to design medical and IT projects, equip and maintain equipment . Moreover Since the beginning of 2009 AVROCOM LLC has acquired Construction and Installation licenses for up to and over 16 story buildings and all engineering – communication networks. Our unique, professional and personal approach has secured all the major commercial contracts in Tajikistan.

2.       Strategy & Vision

a.       Vision statement

To promote and assist in realization and exploitation of high-end and state-to-art electronic equipment and technology in Tajikistan, by providing wide range of consulting services, highly professional services on provision, installation, commissioning, warranty and after warranty maintenance.        

b.      Mission statement

To get and hold leading positions in the market on providing equipment and technology, rendering service maintenance for state-to-art equipments, is possible by establishing tight relations with manufactures. All manufacturers during establishing contractual relations put forward some certain requirements on partners, such as sustainable financial position, availability of managing, technical and logistic staff, selling volume and schedule, etc. The company managers make the best efforts on providing regular training courses for sell and technical personal, on finding new clients, strengthening relations with existing clients, providing new services, etc.                  

c.       Values

The high level of reputation, the ability to solve the technical issues and challenges of any level of difficulty, have enough number of highly qualified personal.       

d.      Business goals & objectives

To hold the leading position in the market. To increase the number of clients. To extend relations with new providers of equipment and technology and, as a result, to expend the range of products, technology and services.



e.      Growth strategy

In the long term perspective to organize the representation offices in the all regions of Tajikistan and provide comprehensive services not only  for the head offices of client organizations in the centers, but their regional affiliates in regions. Service engineers should be trained on-site of original manufacturers and be able to perform work of any complexity, including those for which at the present the experts from abroad are invited.

3.       Products & Servises

a.       Products

Distribution and maintenance of medical equipment from leader manufacturers of Toshiba Medical Systems - Netherlands, Agfa HealthCare - Belgium, Sirona Dental GmbH - Austria, Hamilton Medical AG - Switzerland, Trimble Europe - Netherlands, Stephan Fritz GmbH - Germany, Dameca - Denmark .   

b.      Services

Designing, installation and maintenance of engineering systems of varying complexity. Designing, installation and maintenance of computer networks. Configuration of active network equipment. Warranty and post warranty maintenance of all equipment supplied by our company or our partner companies.

4.     Office and administrative personnel

At the present  Avrocom LLC. has one office in Dushanbe with number of staff personal 10 persons.    

5.       Portfolio

c.       A list of customers, projects and contacts details for reference.

The list of recent projects completed:


TARENA (Tajik Academy Research Network Association):

1.       Upgrading corporative area network in Tajik Technical University – 2007-2008, budget 95.4 K Euro 

2.       Optical clients – 2008, budget 140,4 K USD


“Shifo” Republican TB hospital, in Machiton valley, Vahdat district:

1.       Medical equipment, purchasing and servicing, 2008-2009, budget around 300 KUSD

2.       Laboratory equipment, installation, warranty and after warranty services, 2012

3.       Clinical and diagnostic equipment, installation, warranty and after warranty services, 2012     

4.       Geothermal heating system, KfW grant for MOH, 2011-2012, budget 275 KEuro    


Emergency hospital in Dushanbe:

1.       Hospital clinical system, 2006, budget app. 50 K USD 

2.       Clinical and diagnostic equipment, maintenance service, 2010 till present         


“Shifo” private medical center in Dushanbe:

1.  CT scanner – Emotion 6, purchasing, service and maintenance, from 2008, budget 319 K USD.


National diagnostic center in Dushanbe:

1.  CT scanner – Asteion 4, Toshiba,  service and maintenance, from 2009 till present


National medical center in Dushanbe:

1.  CT scanner – Asteion, Toshiba, maintenance, from 2009 up to now


Endo surgery private hospital

1.    SWISSRAY DDR Combi – Supply and Service, from 2009, budget 128000 Euro


Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.