Conventional Radiology: Radrex

Conventional Radiology: Radrex

Conventional Radiology: Radrex

Radrex systems are excellent space savers and can be installed swiftly. Built to have a long working life, they use fully reliable components. These systems are designed with the user’s needs in mind, and have excellent positioning characteristics.

The Radrex is our Bucky table with coordinate tabletop and Bucky carriage as well as an intgrated tube column without the requirement of ceiling attachment for X-ray tubes, collimator and a control arm. The stable, vibration free table base and the rail system for the tube column form one unit. The rail system is easily installed for right or left hand side operation depending on the Bucky wall stand preference. 
Furthermore, the generators are provided with microprocessor and memory functions. Various radiographic parameters can be registered and then retrieved with a one-touch operation. Simple and easy cassette loading. Just a touch is enough to operate the anatomical positioning functions.  
The X-ray tube supports, with their wide range of movement, are ideal for a large variety of radiographic functions. The Bucky table has a wide range of accessories which are designed to be easily attached (optional). They support the lateral radiographic procedure and compression of the abdomen, expanding the variety of examinations. A infusion hanger, tabletop protective mat and step reduce the burden of patients, especially the elderly. 

The Bucky device employs the renowned oscillating system, so clear images are a matter of course. In addition, the generators employ a high-frequency inverter, ensuring a stable, high output and high-quality images....

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